Rosemary Cassidy Buswell



I graduated from what is now Manchester Metropolitan University in 1976 with a BA (Hons.) in Textiles and Fine Art, and an MA in Textiles in 1977.

Following my studies, I taught Textile Design at Blackpool College of Art for four years.  In 1982 I moved to Singapore and lectured in Colour Theory and Graphics at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art until 1985.  I then moved to Houston, Texas, with my husband, and took a 'career break' to produce my greatest creations; my twin sons!  I have exhibited my Paintings and Textiles internationally, have worked in various fields of Art and Design, and also run Creative Workshops in England, Singapore, the USA and France.




I have drawn and painted, made and stitched things since I was a tiny child, and could wield a brush and a pair of scissors, my mum gave me real ones of course, not those silly safety scissors!   I like to move across the disciplines as the work demands, using whichever technique and medium I feel best conveys the ideas I want to express.   My work is inspired by many things, it just travels,  the vastness of a landscape, contrasted with the intricacy of its details, the horizon at sea, which has always fascinated me, that illusionary distant division between sea and sky which exists only in the eye, and so for me holds a magical quality, which I like to try and capture.  I am currently working on a series inspired by pictographs and petroglyphs, the cave art of our ancient ancestors, and am curious to see in which direction this will lead me.

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