Norma Hopkins

Norma Hopkins / Mixed Media & Embroidery

Norma Graduated from Manchester Polytechnic, now Manchester Metropolitan University, in 1984, majoring in embroidery. This was followed by a PGCE in Education. She subsequently taught for 19 years in adult education.

Norma uses symbolism and allegory to explore her ideas. The entrance or the gateway is a recurring motif in the work as is the conundrum of squaring the circle. Memories and life experiences are woven into the fabric of the pieces through the medium of drawing painting and collage. Some of the work may stay as one-off framed paintings or collages and some pieces act as pre-cursers to final embroideries, she also has an interest in computer textile design and its creative use in computerised embroidery.

Norma continues to teach weekly classes in watercolour painting and experimental art and as one half of Connect-2, together with her associate Teresa Jones, she conducts workshops in embroidery, textile design and design development and delivers talks to Guilds and embroidery clubs on a variety of topics


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