Judith Railton

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“I assemble sculptures using both new and old textiles along with found objects;   with immediate responses to what is happening on any particular day and the materials around me. I include words and poems for both their meaning and pattern; write music for its sound and shapes.

I often use the familiar motif of clothing and tents.

For 40 years I've exhibited my work and curated fibre art shows of all sizes – in galleries and outside in the landscape, heading up the international group, New Fibre Art for 25 years. My sculptures can be found in public and private collections in Britain, Europe and USA. These include a large woven triptych at Norton Priory Museum, The Cheshire Cat’s Grin in Poulton Hall Gardens and several artist books in King Steven Museum, Hungary. I’m a big fan of sending mail art across the world

It’s great running workshops with all age groups, both in the education system and in communities and I enjoy working as a lecturer and consultant in art and creative writing.

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