Dianne Barratt

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Originally I worked as an Illustrator and Political Cartoonist for 10 years and then exhibited Textiles for the next 20 years, incorporating Wood into exhibitions from about 2002.

I grew up in Cheshire with a mixture of Urban & Rural influences, my childhood influences, playing in orchards & woods have re- surfaced since I have been working with Wood.

It is impossible to come back from walks, without a pocketful of leaves or seed pods, little transient gifts from nature. I use the ideas and surface structures from these gatherings to design my own tactile pieces. It is best to work with nature and allow the wood grain to show off and make the best use of my favourite bits the imperfections.

However Urban influences do pull me back, and then because I am looking at human nature, I find myself making pieces in either wood or textiles about politics,  social commentary, humour and  sometimes the imperfections in our lives.

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